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Yadkin River Greenway Council

Board of Directors

 The Yadkin River Greenway was created through the cooperative efforts of citizen volunteers, landowners, and the governments of Wilkes County, North Wilkesboro, Wilkesboro, and the State of North Carolina. The effort began in 1994, and the first phase of the greenway became a reality and was opened May 18, 2002. The Yadkin River Greenway Council, a non-profit community organization, provided coordination and leadership.
This Greenway is a natural area between urban communities where wildlife, vegetation, and streams are preserved and enjoyed. Greenways also provide transportation, recreation, and exercise opportunities for the community.
President & Chairman 

Charlie White 


9 Years of service with the Greenway. Charlie's favorite thing about the Greenway is getting it built!



Gary Cogdill 


13 Years of service with the Greenway. 

Gary feels the Greenway is rewarding to get out, see people and feels the greenway has been well accepted and well used. 



Susan Buchanan 


A founding member of the Greenway! She loves that Greenway is something that can be shared by everyone!

Fund Raising Chairman    

Keith Johnson


The Greenway is something that can enjoyed by everyone. This area offers two beautiful rivers that cannot be enjoyed unless you are on the Greenway

20190402_112031 (002).jpg
Construction Chairman  

 Steve Steele

 Steve has been on the Greenway Council for over 20 years.  Steve’s work and experience have been a great asset to the greenway.    The greenway is fortunate to have Steve as the Construction Chairman


Volunteer Project Chairman 

Freda Matthews


A Founding Member with 21 Years of service! Freda loves the wildlife, just being outdoors and the changing of the seasons!  

Executive Director

R.G. Absher 


3 Years of service with the Greenway

RG loves that the Greenway is a place where people can go and experience nature and still improve their life. 

Special Events Chairman
Graham Wyche



Other Council members are:

Lee Bentley, Bill Clifton, Gary Johnson, Carl MaCann, Steve Steel, Sam Stroud, David Wiles, Roy Williams, Keith Johnston, Craig Langston, Craig Bennett

Blake Lovette, Amy Blair

We thank these individuals for their service and participation in the success of the Yadkin River Greenway. 

 Council Members~
Past and Present

John Gygax, Alison Pipes, Steve Mathis, Shelmar Blackburn Jr., Mike Kerhoulas, Janet Lyon, Gary Blevins, Tom Frazer,Becky Lakey, Dick Sloop, Sheree Sloop, Mark Church, Vaughn Hayes, Yony Lopez, Carol Stone, Ray Stroud, Jim Faw, Robert Hatfield, Susanne (Church) Hayes, Lee Herring, David Kim, Lena Johnson, Becky Mann, Dariel Rathmell, Tim Murphy, Bob Laney, Steve Nichols, Andy Sulorius, Ray Stone, Steve Spencer, John Goodnow, Tammy Love, Bill Albert, Jule Hubbard, Heather Pardue, Matt Stone, Ken Tremaine, Don Birdson, John Caplinger, Russ Ferree, Joshua Mitchell, lla Baugham, Danny Staley, Alan Downing, Betty Pierce, Phil Carlson, Larry Bennett, Arnold Lakey, Ed Marxen, Bill Clifton, Dennis Huggins, Jim Hutchens, and Teresa Stewart, Vickie Church, Carolyn Brookshire Pardue

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